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From Tom Woteki <>
Subject Re: Apache SetEnv variables and tomcat
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 00:53:43 GMT
A very different approach from the one that you are used to, but which is
explicitly  supported by Tomcat, is to use the JDBCRealm class to perform
user authentication in which you look up authentication credentials in an
ODBC database.

You can use either basic authentication, in which the browser obtains the
authentication info, or form based in which you prepare a (jsp based) form
of your own devise. You must configure Tomcat in the server.xml file to do
this and you must configure the application in the web.xml file. In the
latter you can specify collections of URL resources that need be
authenticated and user roles (i.e authentication levels) that can have
access to them. Finally, you need an ODBC compliant database and JDBC

Tom Woteki, a.k.a. Dr. Wo
mail to:<>
202-544-2743 (fax) <-- a pure Java, Apache-Tomcat web application
running under MacOSX
> What I am stumped on is how to accomplish the same in servlets running
> under apache/tomcat.  I know you can set properties files for servlets
> (though I havn't tried it yet), but other than running the servlet
> under root I don't see how to read up root protected data.
> Thanks,
> Rob

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