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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: URGENT! TomCat won't run my servlets - part 2
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:37:03 GMT

	A couple of thoughts:
	Can you get a Hello World Servlet to run?
	Is there one common place where your sevlets are hanging (in other
words, what do they share in common)?
	Is is possible that there is some sort of deadlock because of
waiting for file locks or sockets that might not have shown up in the other
system?   (Are you reading to/from sockets or files or serialized/pooled
database connections?)

	Just a few thoughts.  If the config is the same its something
strange in the sevlets or the underlying system.


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From: Cato, Christopher []
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 1:51 PM
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Subject: RE: URGENT! TomCat won't run my servlets - part 2

> 	Well, I'll start by covering the obvious basic things first:
> 	1.  Are you sure that you are hitting the Tomcat Server 
> (if its not
> using mod_jk you have to edit the default server.xml file to 
> make Tomcat
> listen to port 80)

It's configured correctly.

> 	2.  Have you moved the web.xml file over (if you are 
> using servlet
> mappings)?

Yes. I'm using ANT to manage that, but yes, I've checked that and it's moved
over together with the rest of the files. I've got the same file structure
on both servers and the files are the same.

> 	If these aren't the problem, then the question to you 
> is, what is
> happening?  404 Errors?  500 Errors?  Anything in the logs of 
> Tomcat?  Is it
> possible that your servlets are hanging (and thus not giving 
> a response -
> this would be characterized as a the web browser timing out)? 

My servlets are hanging for sure. The web browser times out after a loooong

>  Is Tomcat
> crashing?

Not as far as I can see - All debug parameters are set to level 9 and also
the contexts are debugged. Still, nothing except the usual destroy/init
messages in the logs. The database logfile shows that all servlets open
their connections okay.


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