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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: IIS& Tomcat. Why?
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:23:39 GMT

	First, Tomcat can perform all of the basic web server functionality
that IIS can - it can serve static content over any port you configure it
to.  IIS, however, has one thing going for it - its much faster than Tomcat
at the static stuff (I know, its amazing that anything Microsoft has created
can be fast, but it seems to be true).

	So, the question of wether or not to use IIS with Tomcat usually
comes down to one of a few reasons:
	1.  Must support legacy ASP code, therefore must use IIS.
	2.  Corporate policy dictates that all web servers must be IIS,
therfore must use IIS.
	3.  Corportate security policy dicates that all web traffic must be
on port 80 and the machine to run the application already has IIS on port
80, therefore use IIS.
	4.  Application contains large amounts of static content (images,
JavaScript includes, Style Sheets, etc) and performance is a concern,
therefore use IIS.
	5.  If you reach here without the need for IIS, you should be
alright with just Tomcat.

	Since this question comes up a lot, is there any interest in coming
up with a guide for the questions one should answer in order to determine
when they should or need to use Tomcat with another web server?  If so, is
there any support for adding it to the CVS docs?


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From: Tiseo, Paul []
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2001 10:40 AM
To: ''
Subject: IIS& Tomcat. Why?

	Please forgive a complete newbie, but I joined these lists to start
building my knowledge of servlets and enterprise apps a few days ago and it
has already been very fun.

	I see a lot of people trying to configure IIS to work with Tomcat.
Being stuck in a mainly MS-oriented shop, this is of some interest to me. My
project involves a research department database custom application, and
having already dealt with ASP, I'd like to try another nightmare. :) (At a
minimum, but maybe it'll turn into a good wet dream!)

	So, I installed Tomcat on a W2K Server box. I see that it can work
pretty much alone. Why do I want to work it through IIS? Is it to be able to
use JSP and servlets through port 80? I guess I'm just missing something
fundamental here, but can't put my finger on it.


Paul Tiseo, Intermediate Systems Programmer
Birdsall 122, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
4500 San Pablo Rd, FL, 32224 -- (904) 953-8254 / 953-7134 (fax) 

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