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From Mike Braden <>
Subject RE: Use of
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 21:42:52 GMT
I'm pretty sure the mod_jserv for apache and the mod_jserv for Tomcat are
For apache it works as a servlet container, while for Tomcat it is just a
communication link.

Download the Tomcat 3.3m1 release and use the mod_jk from it.
It's located in native/mod_jk/apache1.3

Send any errors you get to the list for assistance in fixing problems.
Make sure to make a note of the versions (OS, apache, tomcat, compiler).

One thing that will help will be first building apache from source on your
system.  Apache's
apxs is used to build mod_jk.  It's values are setup from the build, which
is why most
binary distributions of apache have problems building mod_jk.

You may also have better luck with gcc over a vendor compiler, but the
reverse may
be true for SGI.

Mike Braden

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From: Bush, Craig R. [mailto:crbush@UTMB.EDU]
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 4:30 PM
To: ''
Subject: Use of

I originally tried to install Jserv and gave up because it was simple too
complicated on my SGI IRIX machine.

However, I kept the module and want to know if I can use with in libexec
with tomcat.

If not, does anyone know how to build a new mod_jserv or mod_jk module using
the tomcat source code.  The example they gave in documentation only seems
to work for Solaris and Linux  :(

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Craig R. Bush
Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics
University of Texas Medical Branch

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