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From Mike Braden <>
Subject RE: libexec directory on apache - how do I reference it.
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 21:58:04 GMT
Did you build apache yourself or use a binary version?

I'd check to make sure DSO (modules) support is available:

# /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -l
Compiled-in modules:

If you see mod_so.c, then DSO is supported and modules should
load from libexec if the path is still correct.

You can get more detailed info with some of the other commands to httpd.
Try httpd -h for a list.

Mike Braden

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From: Chris Richard Adams [mailto:chrisa@ASPATECH.COM.BR]
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 5:09 PM
To: Tomcat-User (E-mail)
Subject: libexec directory on apache - how do I reference it.

I seem to have lost reference to my libexec directory in apache - this
may be a result of installing a new version of apache - v14 from v12.

I've installed apache in the same location as it comes with Redhat 6.2 -
in /etc/httpd. - but now when the libexec directory is refernced as
apache-tomcat.conf or mod_jk.conf-auto like:

LoadModule ... libexec/ or similar with mod_jserv I get the

Invalid command 'LoadModule', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module
not inclu
ded in the server configuration

I can remove all content from the libexec directory and I get the same
error so i realize its not even being refernced...

What gives???

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