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From Mike Braden <>
Subject RE: Help - stuck with mod_jk
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 15:05:26 GMT
What system are you running this on?

Is this a "first-time" setup of mod_jk?

Can you post the config for mod_jk in your apache httpd.conf and the
startup messages from Tomcat.  Log info may help as well.

Mike Braden

-----Original Message-----
From: Eugenio Ascoli-Bartoli []
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 4:35 AM
Subject: Help - stuck with mod_jk

I am new to the list, and I am sorry for posting the same question twice,
but I am still stuck with Apache and Tomcat (using mod_jk).
I used the instructions in mod_jk.howto. I read both manual and
Tomcat-Apache HOWTO, but all the stuff related to mod_jk is in the howto
mentioned above.
Tomcat is up and running as standalone; Apache is up and running.
Configuration for mod_jk is used,mod_jk is loaded and working as I can see
from the log file, mod_jk tries to find workers in, but
each request for virtual directories reserved to Tomcat never comes to the
tomcat engine, as there is no communication on port 8009.
Any hint would be helpful. Excuse me again and TIA.
Eugenio Ascoli-Bartoli

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