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From Jill Stephenson <>
Subject Using a servlet superclass
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 01:52:03 GMT
I have a number of servlets in my application that need to
perform common initialisation, etc.  So I was thinking of
creating a superclass that has an init method that does all
of the common work, eg.,

public class SuperServlet extends HttpServlet {
  public void init() {
    // do common initialisation stuff in here
  } // init
} // SuperServlet

Then all the workers servlets would extend SuperServlet
rather than HttpServlet, eg.,

public class WorkerServlet extends SuperServlet {
} // WorkerServlet

This seems to be OK, until I implement init in the
WorkerServlet, as the init method in the SuperServlet
does not then get invoked.  While I can call super.init()
in the WorkServlet, I want this to be handled automatically
as I can bet on someone forgetting this step, eg.,

public class WorkerServlet extends SuperServlet {
  public void init() {
    // don't want to have to make this call ==> super.init();
  } // init 
} // WorkerServlet

Is there any way to implement this ?


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