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From "Winkel, Matthias; 2854" <>
Subject Tomcat3.2.1 often recompiles pages?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:52:08 GMT
When I request a jsp page in my web application it often takes a long time
until the page is received by the browser. Normally this behavior is seen,
when a page is requested the first time, because tomcat has to compile the
page. But in my web application this occurs very often: Although a page is
requested for the second, third... time it takes very long until the page is
received. It seems to me that tomcat recompiles the pages very often, not
only at the first request. (This happens not at all pages but at most of
them). Is this possible?
Is this a configuration failure? Is there somewhere a configuration entry
for manipulating this behavior? What do I have to change to get the jsp
pages as fast as by using tomcat3.1?

Matthias Winkel

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