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From Yin Tse <>
Subject RE: Tomcat/firewall/oracle timeout problem
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 00:27:54 GMT
Hi all,
I'm having a problem with a jdbc connection object between tomcat and an
oracle server. The 2 machines are separated by a firewall which was
configured to allow access to the oracle server from the tomcat server only.
The problem starts when the timeout period(which can be set to an arbitray
time period) of idle time runs out. It sends a timeout signal and that
breaks the jdbc connection. The application then freezes any attempts to log
in/manage your account or do activities which need database connection. But
tomcat still works fine, any servlets which do not need database connection
works fine. 
I added some code to check if my connection object is null and to create a
new one if it is so. That didn't solve the problem which means that the
connection object is not killed, but its content (like db driver, conn url ,
login & password etc..)is somehow scrambled. My question is how can I manage
those jdbc connection objects and how to figure out when something went
wrong with the connection object ? Thanks all.

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