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From Duncan Irvine <>
Subject Jasper losing classpath?!?
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2001 16:08:26 GMT
Hi all,
	I've been merrily using Tomcat for some time now (v3.2.1) and have
just come accross a rather bizarre one... Jasper seems to 'forget' the
classpath after a while and refuses to compile new JSPs.  All is well after
startup, things run smoothly for an hour or two, and Tomcat will continue to
serve already compiled JSPs.  However, if I haven't used a given JSP after a
couple of hours (not sure of a specific time) it will not compile.  Jasper
throws a 'Class not Found' JasperException and that's it.  If Tomcat is
restarted the same JSP will compile and run quite happily.  Is this a known
problem with Jasper, or am I just doing something really dumb with the

It's not a major problem, as I should think that the production box can be
'pre-hit'  to compile all the JSPs beforehand, and is unlikely to be updated
often enough to warrant dynamic recompilation, but it'd be nice to know.


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