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Subject RE: Pathing Problems
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 23:09:02 GMT
I don't think you want to be setting ContextManager.home - that (apparently,
from reading the user's guide) is a way to have Tomcat load all its
configuration files from a place other than TOMCAT_HOME, and that doesn't
really have anything to do (directly) with Tomcat-Apache communication.
docBase is root directory for files that Tomcat serves in a particular
context.  DocumentRoot is the root directory for Apache.  JkMount is
relative to DocumentRoot.  The problem I see in your configuration below is
that DocumentRoot set to /web/tomcat2, but the empty context in Tomcat is
set to /web/tomcat2/java/webapps.  So when Apache finds a file, starting
from its DocumentRoot, of (e.g.) /java/webapps/jsp/test.jsp, tomcat will
look for this document starting in the directory you gave it for it's
docBase, so it will try to find a file
/web/tomcat2/java/webapps/java/webapps/jsp/test.jsp.  Obviously, this file
does not exist.

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Subject: Pathing Problems


I'm having a heck of a time getting tomcat/apache(virtual host)/mod_jk
to work properly in a directory structure different than that laid out
in the example.  I'm relatively certain it's a pathing problem since I'm
pretty much guessing at what the values should be for the various paths.
I have read all the FAQ's and tomcat documentation but for the most
part, it's deals with using jserv and nowhere can I  find an explanation
of what docBase is supposed to be.  I've spent hours looking through the
archives as well.  If nothing else, the archive shows me I'm not alone
in my lack of understanding :p   

Can anyone explain the relationship between apache DocumentRoot and
JkMount, ContextManager home and Context path and docBase?   

System info: solaris 8, tomcat 3.2.1 (binary), apache 1.3.12, mod_jk

My directory structure looks like:

/web (contains 15 or so web sites, one for each virtual host)
	/tomcat2 (this is just the root directory for some website)

My DocumentRoot = /web/tomcat2  and my ContextManager home =

My latest try (and I think I've tried every possible combination at
least twice).
	JkMount /java/webapps/*.jsp ajp13
	JkMount /java/webapps/servlet/* ajp13	

	<Host name ="">
        		<Context path="" 
                 	reloadable="true" > 

If anyone can clarify things for me I'd be eternally grateful.


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