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From Mike Braden <>
Subject RE: TOMCAT/Apache & jk
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:58:42 GMT

I'm not sure about Digital Unix, but the first line should be the library
file, which is usually a shared object library (, i.e.
LoadModule   jk_module   libexec/

> LoadModule   jk_module   libexec/mod_jk.c
> AddModule    mod_jk.c

Also, make sure that mod_jk is built for your system.  Did you compile
mod_jk or get the binary from somewhere?

Check /usr/local/libexec to make sure the object file is there and that it
is the correct type.

# file /usr/local/libexec/
/usr/local/libexec/       ELF 32-bit LSB dynamic lib 80386
Version 1, dynamically linked, not stripped

Make sure the file type reported back matches other libraries on your system
(the architecture is the same).  If it is wrong, then the file is not being
built correctly.



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