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From "Cato, Christopher" <>
Subject RE: URGENT! TomCat won't run my servlets - part 2
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 19:44:23 GMT
> 	A couple of thoughts:
> 	Can you get a Hello World Servlet to run?
> 	Is there one common place where your sevlets are 
> hanging (in other
> words, what do they share in common)?

The only thing they share is: JDBC - mm.mysql-2.0.2-bin.jar

> 	Is is possible that there is some sort of deadlock because of
> waiting for file locks or sockets that might not have shown 
> up in the other
> system?   (Are you reading to/from sockets or files or 
> serialized/pooled
> database connections?)

neither pooled or serialized db connections, no file reads.
when the servlets (or rather their db connection) starts up i can see the
query SHOW VARIABLES go through to MySQL. On shutdown of tomcat, JDBC quits
the connections. Alas, no errors there.

> 	Just a few thoughts.  If the config is the same its something
> strange in the sevlets or the underlying system.

It's strange indeed. That the system was flawed was my first guess, but
since I've upgraded glibc and the kernel and also reinstalled JDK1.3, I know
that part is correct at least. X is also present so that's not the problem

As I said, I installed Resin 1.2.2 on this server and that runs the servlets
okay. Since Resin is using the same underlying system, I don't think the
system is the problem. Unless it's a very strange and rare problem like a
race condition in JDK1.3 in correlation to the SMP kernel. Cause the SMP
kernel (and the extra CPU, duh) is the only real difference between the
development server (which works fine) and the production server. I just
don't get it. I'll try installing the TomCat 3.3 Milestone 1 and see if that
works better for me. It's either that or I'll have to switch to Resin,
because my timeframe is shrinking by the minute.

thanks for the help anyway

/christopher - over and out.

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