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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Intercepting 404's !! PLEASE HELP
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 10:46:54 GMT
Dan Sojka typed the following on 02:28 PM 2/6/2001 -0800
>I am trying to set up a custom error page to intercept Tomcat 404's 
>I have Apache intercepting static page 404's. 
>I am using tomcat 3.2 final.. And I have searched all the archives and 
>found one common answer: 
>in web.xml --> 
>   <error-code>404</error-code>  
>   <location>/404error.jsp</location> 
> </error-page> 
>This does not work! I still get a stack overflow error when I hit a page that does not
>Does this just not work on 3.2 final or is there something else I am missing? Some people

>say this works but I have had no luck.. 

Can you view 404error.jsp by pointing your browser directly at it? Maybe there's
a problem with the JSP code. Otherwise, let's have a look at the stack trace and 
whatever error messages are showing up your logs.


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