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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat as non-root
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 16:50:36 GMT
Jim Crossley typed the following on 09:23 AM 2/6/2001 -0500
>Along those same lines, what's the recommended approach for sharing one
>installation of tomcat with multiple users?  

>Should they each create their own server.xml and set the "home"
>attribute of the ContextManager to a location beneath their home
>directory, specifying the -f option to bin/  

I do this, except for the -f option. I actually use Ant to create my server.xml files, 
here is my template:


Replace @site-home@ with the subdirectory in your user's home area.
Replace @jsp-dir@ with @site-home@/work.

>What should the directory structure of that location be?  Any more than
>"conf", "webapps", "logs"?

You a place for the server to write log files and such, the workDir
in the above snippet. $SITE_HOME/work is good.

>Should each user's TOMCAT_HOME refer to the shared installation
>directory or their private workspace?

The shared installation. This tells Tomcat where to find everything except
those things you specifically override, which leads to the next issue ...

>I tried answering "yes" to most of the above, and never could get the
>log files to show up.  

Tomcat was probably trying to write them in $TOMCAT_HOME/logs.
You must specifically override this default in the Logger elements of 

    <Logger name="tc_log"
                verbosityLevel = "DEBUG"

    <Logger name="servlet_log"
                verbosityLevel = "DEBUG"

    <Logger name="JASPER_LOG"
                verbosityLevel = "DEBUG"

You'll need to replace @log-dir@ with the full path to the subdirectory in 
the user's home area.

>And I was surprised that the necessary
>directories (conf, logs, etc) weren't automatically created in the
>ContextManager's home.

No, you'll have to create the directories yourself during the installation. When 
Tomcat runs it assumes everything is already configured properly. You'll probably
need to make a few shell scripts or Ant build files to automate creation
of Tomcat sites for your users.


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