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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.1 can't handle load
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 00:46:14 GMT
Sunil Kumar Roy wrote:

> Hello Sirs,
> We are developing a B2B website using Tomcat 3.1 for our company.(We are yet
> to buy a full-fledged webserver since ours is a startup firm).
> The site displays many images.
> We use SQL server7.0 for database.
> When we are interacting with the database, very often the following prompt
> appears "It has performed an illegal operation & will be shut down". There
> is only one button for "close" in that prompt box.When we click on "close",
> the tomcat shuts down.
> The problem also sometimes comes when we are not accessing the database.
> We are facing great difficulty in developing the site due to this frequent
> problem.
> Could you help please?

The first thing you should do is upgrade to Tomcat 3.2.1 -- it is substantially
more performant than 3.1, as well as fixing many bugs.

However, it is unlikely that this change will solve your immediate problem.  The
illegal operation trap means that one of the two following things is happening:

* The JVM you are running has bugs in it.  Try upgrading to
  a more recent JVM.

* The JDBC driver you are using has bugs in the native code
  (there is no way for Java code to cause this type of error).
  Try upgrading to a more recent or better driver.

In particular, if you are trying to use the JDBC-ODBC driver for this, give it
up -- that driver is *not* intended for production use and has problems with
supporting multiple threads accessing the database at the same time (which is
very common in web applications).  Check the JDBC page at the JavaSoft web site
for pointers to available JDBC drivers for your database and OS platform.

> Thanks in anticipation.
> Regards
> Sunil K. Roy

Craig McClanahan

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