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From Christian Rauh <>
Subject The Ultimate Tomcat as NT Service How-To
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:12:27 GMT
To the Tomcat active developers and everyone else,

Well, I don´t have "The Ultimate Tomcat as NT Service How-To" either.
But I think someone must write one soon because this list is being
flooded with the same questions over and over.

It seems to me that there is a big documentation issue here. All this
people, including me, cannot be all stupid. Many people are trying to
make the Windows+Apache+Tomcat install and are having great trouble with
this. This is happening because of one of two things: 

  - the documentation is not good enough
  - the process is too complex

In either case there must be a solution: create the docs or simplify the
process. It seems to me that Tomcat 4 adressess some of these issues but
I am not sure. If I had the knowledge I would definetely write the docs,
but I don´t.

BTW, I have installed Tomcat as a service on Win2k but had trouble in
Win NT4 with the same process.

Thanks for the attention,

Christian Rauh

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