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From Steve Ruby <>
Subject Re: IIS& Tomcat. Why?
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 17:03:37 GMT

Any then for a REAL answer...

If you had a box that had existing IIS applications running and you
wanted to add servlets (and jsp if you really want a new nightmare).
You could tie the two together..

Or if you have a high-access site and you need the performance
for static pages and HTML you may want to tie in with IIS, Tomcat
doesn't claim to compare to IIS or apache as a static web server
for perfomance... And it definately doesn't compare with Apache
in terms of configuration flexibility.

If you are just doing relatively low access stuff that is mostly servlets
and you have no use for asp or other IIS applications then by all
means skip trying to get tomcat to work with IIS..

Simply put... Tomcat contains only a basic web front end for the
servlet container, if you are dont' care about anything but
servlets (and jsp) then you don't need IIS..

John Golubenko wrote:
> Let me ask you another question. Why would you use M$ products at all?
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message
> On 2/14/01, 7:39:38 AM, "Tiseo, Paul" <> wrote regarding
> IIS& Tomcat. Why?:
> >       Please forgive a complete newbie, but I joined these lists to start
> > building my knowledge of servlets and enterprise apps a few days ago and
> it
> > has already been very fun.
> >       I see a lot of people trying to configure IIS to work with Tomcat.
> > Being stuck in a mainly MS-oriented shop, this is of some interest to me.
> My
> > project involves a research department database custom application, and
> > having already dealt with ASP, I'd like to try another nightmare. :) (At
> a
> > minimum, but maybe it'll turn into a good wet dream!)
> >       So, I installed Tomcat on a W2K Server box. I see that it can work
> > pretty much alone. Why do I want to work it through IIS? Is it to be able
> to
> > use JSP and servlets through port 80? I guess I'm just missing something
> > fundamental here, but can't put my finger on it.
> >       TIA.
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