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From Jeff Lansing <>
Subject Client authentication with Tomcat + SSL
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 23:58:25 GMT

I am trying to set up client authentication for IE5 https client to
Tomcat. I followed the steps in the documentation and arrived at the
situation where IE5 shows an empty list of certs in its Client
Authentication dialog.

Since then I have set up OpenSSL and have tried their test for this:
    openssl -s_client -connect <TOMCAT_URL>:443 -prexit
and I see that under "acceptable client certificate CA names" Tomcat has
given the info of the certificate which I created when following the
steps in the documentation.

So it seems that IE5 doesn't know about any certs which are acceptable
to Tomcat, so it doesn't show any in the dialog.
Does anyone know what the process is for giving IE such a certificate?



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