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From janis <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0-beta 1 problems
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:36:09 GMT

Maybe this is more appropriate to post to the developers list?

I have made some attempts on tomcat users list without a luck.

I would like to use Tomcat 4.0 and WARP more permanently but
I have experienced some fundamental problems with Tomcat 4.0-beta
configured together with Apache web server (WARP connector):

    - using POST method in my forms (HTML),
    return null both directly from the jsp context and a bean

     - scope in jsp:useBean method does'nt work as expected (session
does not persist)

    - I have posted a bug for a behaviour when no response can be
obtained on the first
    request after a restart of Tomcat and Apache

I also would like to hear about Tomcat standalone contra Tomcat NOT
standalone. In
which direction the development of the Tomcat will go? Will there be
more new connectors
to deal with?

with hope to hear from somebody

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