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From Merwin Yap <>
Subject Virtual Hosting and Startup as the machine startup...
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 09:52:49 GMT
I currently have jdk1.2.2,  tomcat3.2 using mod_jk working with Apache
running in  Red Hat Linux

I read about it, and have been trying stuff but i have failed... and
here are some questions... I know that these stuff have
might have been asked before but back then I was just startring and i
couldn't  care less since they were so complicated for me to

Virtual Hosting

- the faq seems to be using jserv rather than mod_jk, I know that both
httpd.conf and server must be edited.

here what i added in server.xml

<Context path="/survey"

<Host name="" >
      <Context path=""
                       docBase="webapp/survey" />
     <Context path="/survey"
                      docBase="webapps/ROOT" />

Anything wrong???

here what i added in http.conf

<VirtualHost >
        DocumentRoot /home/webapp/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/survey
        JkMount  /*.jsp ajp12
        JkMount  /servlet/* ajp12

--> httpd failed during reboot something to do with JkMount... !!!


Starting Jakarta-Tomcat as Nobody as the Server Starts

    I read something about it and tried them but there is still
something missing...
I already made symlink like S83tomcat which i placed in etc/rc.d/ rc2 to
and K83 for rc0 ,rc1, and rc6 ... and i also have the file linked  named
stored in etc/rc.d/init.d/  ? what could be still missing?

Should tomcat start before httpd???

hope to hear from you soon... I really need help...

Thanks! I appreciate the time you spent in answering my questions,,,


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