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From Ethan VonderWeid <>
Subject Tomcat 3.2.1 re-creating session
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 19:04:01 GMT

I've got a fairly large JSP/Java application that runs on almost every
app server you can think of.  however, on Tomcat running on NT 4 I'm
running into an odd problem.  for what it's worth, this problem doesn't
appear when running Tomcat on Solaris.

to log into the app, the user goes to which
brings them to the index.jsp page.  one of two things will happen. 
either a login cookie is found indicating that this user has already
logged in and the contents of index.jsp will be displayed, or no login
cookie is found and the user is redirected to a signin page, signin.jsp.

when the user signs in via signin.jsp, a new login cookie is set for
them and some user info gets put in the session, then they get
redirected back to index.jsp.  at that point they are good to go for the
length of their stay.  they can navigate to other pages within the
system with no problems.  however, if they try and go back to (without adding /index.jsp) they appear to get
logged out.  going to has the same results. 
doing a little debugging in index.jsp, Tomcat seems to be handing back a
new session object.  it's also ignoring the login cookie that was set
when the user signed in.  if the user were to go to everything works fine, of course.

this only happens when I'm using IE (5.5) as my browser.  if I use
netscape, everything works fine.  anyone have any ideas as to what's
going on here?


Version: 3.12
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