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From "Mike S. Avelar" <>
Subject Newbie: Just installed Tomcat
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 13:40:54 GMT
Here is my conf:
Apache 1.3 and Tomcat 3.2 on Linux RH7
I installed Tomcat w/o any problems, it is even using it to serve
JSP/JavaServlets and I didn't even having to change and configuration
files yet. (For example when I go to http://localhost/examples Tomcat
takes over)

I've been reading the "help files" and they aren't being too helpful.

What I want to know (because I hate editing files manually) how do I set
the authentication for http://localhost/amin? Everytime I go to add or
view the context it prompts me for a uid/pw... I don't know what they
are. I'd like to know ho to set it so I can add context from that admin
site. And does Tomcat have something like JRun's web admin interface?

Mike S. Avelar

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