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From "Michael G. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Which JVM for Tomcat?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:02:50 GMT
Hi Craig,
When did Sun incorporate JAVA 3D into the core classes -- if I read your post


mike anderson

Craig O'Brien wrote:

> Hello forsythe,
> I recommend downloading the Java 1.3 SDK.  I believe it is final now..?  It
> outperforms earlier versions and would be the best choice for your server.
> If you are downloading at 56k - ...oh well, just do it.  It also includes
> all of the latest features (java 2d, java 3d, java media, etc.)  It is
> stable and is a good performer. You need a good compiler for JSP pages.
> For applets, you are stuck with 1.1 and earlier if you want the majority of
> your visitors to make use of them.  The plug in is a 2-3 meg download and it
> is unreasonable to expect a visitor to download that.  There is also a bug
> in Sun's delivery system currently which doesn't allow Internet Explorer to
> download the plug in anyway.  You will receive the latest plug in with your
> version 1.3.  You can still compile your applets with depreciated methods.
> You can install multiple JDKs of different versions on the same machine.
> Good luck,
> Craig
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> From: forsythe []
> Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 6:21 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Which JVM for Tomcat?
> > Also I will also have APPLETS running in addition to servlets & JSPson
> this
> > server... So if I create a JAVA2 APPLET that WILL require a user download,
> > right? Right.
> Fine.  What has that got to do with Tomcat or the JVM you are installing
> on your server?  Nothing.  Right?  Right.
> > If you read carefully I asked "Which jvm works BEST" The Best. BEST. Ok
> one
> > more time " THE BEST" I Tomcat supports ALL JVMs, I'm asking if people
> have
> > preferences based off experience.
> Best for what.  FOR WHAT?  Ever hear of requirements?  Right?  Right.
> > Hey 'Charles' I think you should try to learn how not to be a prick while
> > answering people questions.  Ass.
> OK.  Tomorrow I will be nicer.  I doubt that you will be any smarter.
> -- Charles
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