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From Daniel Noelpp <>
Subject Redirecting and Broken Streams with Tomcat under IIS
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 06:36:39 GMT
Hello Web Developers!

I found out that redirects (response.sendRedirect()) don't
always work with Tomcat started from IIS. Sometimes contents
of the two JSP pages get mixed up, sometimes IIS just hangs.
The hang happens when we are using file upload (using
jspSmartUpload) and redirecting. Sometimes adding return;
after a redirect() helps as a work-around.

In an other part of the web application there is some broken
stream detection to cancel some operations when the web app
user prematurely disconnects (catching an IOException
flushing the response buffer: response.flushBuffer() and
cancelling the rest of the operation when an exception
occurs). This detection doesn't work anymore running under

Does someone of you know of such issues with IIS?

We are using IIS 5 on Windows NT 4 and the ISAPI redirector
from Jakarta. The Tomcat worker uses ajp12 (out of process).

Daniel Noelpp

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