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From "W. D." <>
Subject Re: Tomcat newbies mailing list
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:57:01 GMT
Sounds like a great idea!  

I can provide web space.

What next?

At 09:23 2/27/2001 -0800, Karl Martino, wrote:
>I think something like this would be great - with a
>site that compliments it and ties it all together. 
>The site is very important in the mix.  It can provide
>roadmaps to answers and be a general resource.   It's
>important that the newbies themselves maintain it as
>well.  That way, everyone feels an ownership of the
>site and it is more likely to be maintained.
>--- Bryan Lipscy <> wrote:
>> There has been some off the list discussion
>> regarding starting a new mailing
>> list for tomcat-newbies.  The purpose of this
>> mailing list would be to
>> handle setup issues and would be geared towards the
>> first time tomcat user.
>> What this mailing list would not be for is advanced
>> installation &
>> configuration issues.  The basic premise here is for
>> the mailing list to be
>> a safer place to ask those basic questions then
>> flounder around in
>> documentation for days on end or getting an rtm
>> reply.
>> What do you, the subscribers of tomcat-user, think? 
>> Good idea?  Bad idea?
>> Is this something that needs to happen?
>> Bryan Lipscy
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