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From Karl Martino <>
Subject url-pattern question
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 20:53:12 GMT
In a web application I have a top level servlet
url-mapped to the web application's root.  

For example, my web application, called content, has a
url-mapping of /* .  This is a controller servlet in a
MVC type application.

Any call to localhost/content/[anyPathInfo]/ calls my

I have JSPs to be included in the servlet output in
this web application as well. The issue is that
RequestDispatcher requires a URL. 

My top level servlet masks any calls to particular
jsps in the application folder.  

My work aroudn was to url-map jsps to a particular
folder in this web application, for example a
url-mapping of /templates/* so a call to
localhost/content/templates/test.jsp will process the
jsp at that location.

It's not working.  I'm forced to url-map my servlet to
a folder like /cofax/* and the jsps to a url-mapping
of *.jsp to get it to work.  I don't want this.  I
can't change the url path of the servlet. 

Any workarounds that don't involve me to create a new
web application to house my jsps?

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