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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject RE: TC3.2.1 - response commit on included JSPs
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 03:21:02 GMT

--- Larry Isaacs <> wrote:
> to the spec.  Your discussion below about the
> JspWriterImpl
> seems to be something different.
> So rather than quess, let me ask exactly what are
> you
> referring to when you say, "dynamic include of a JSP
> page"?
> Is this <jsp:include...>, PageContext.include(),
> RequestDispatcher.include(), or am I off track here?

Yes, by 'dynamic' include (the above) I was making the
distinction from a 'static' include, which would be
done with the syntax <%@ include file="blah.txt" %>.

The problem with the TC3.2.1 behavior is that after
performing a dynamic include (using any of the above
three methods), of a _JSP_ resource (served by
TC3.2.1), the response will be committed.  Note that
if you do a dynamic include of some other resource
(such as a servlet) the response would not necessarily
be committed (and generally shouldn't be unless a
forward or redirect occurs).


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