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From Alex Colic <>
Subject Answer three simple questions and I will be thrilled.
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 16:51:37 GMT

I am trying to get a handle on Log4J and I have three problems/questions I am trying to get

First I am trying to use log4j with a web app that is distributed in a standard war file.
I want
to be able to distribute this file, along with the logging class and not worry about configuring

In my code I have PropertyConfigurator.configure("path to");

As a result I have to set this path every time I distribute the war file.
Is it possible to set this up so that the class file looks to where it has been installed
looks for there. This way I don't have to worry about setting to

Second, I have a rolling file set in via:

How can I do the same as in step one, have this file default to where the war file was installed?

Third, I have the following code in each of my class files:
Category cat=Category.getinstance(myclass.class.getName());
How can I have the above through reflection find its own class name and therefore I would
have a
default statement? Something like
Category cat=Category.getInstance("Find_What_Class_This_Is).class.getName())?

Thanks for any help.



Alex Colic, HBA, B. Ed
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