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From Art Taylor <>
Subject Need Help: Questions for Java Server Book
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:36:36 GMT
I'm working on a Java Web site book that features Tomcat as the Java server of
choice (yeah!). I have a few questions that aren't clear from the

 The 'Logger' element contains a 'name' attribute. How is this 'name' used?

 Are there certain logs that must be present for Tomcat, i.e., the tc_log

  What are the proper settings for the 'debug' attribute that is used with
several of the elements?  To which log does this output get written?

  I assume the 'VerbosityLevel' settings are hierarchical, effectively
inheriting the output of the previous levels, i.e., a 'Fatal' VerbosityLevel
includes the output of the Error, Warning and Information levels? Is that
correct? And if so, is DEBUG included in that hierarchy, or is that a separate

  Assert: one ContextManager per Tomcat Instance? Is that correct?

  Assert: elements and attributes are case sensitive. Failure to use proper
case results in silent errors (the attribute or element is not used)? Is that



   -- Art Taylor

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