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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Aliases/Rewrites (was: ajp12 vs ajp13 & mod_jk.conf-auto
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2001 19:53:34 GMT

--- Filip Hanik <> wrote:
> > Now, if I could just get someone to tell me why
> apache
> > Alias and Rewrites are not working with tomcat...
> tell us what you are trying to do and send us some
> sample config files and
> how your environment is setup. is becomes much
> easier than to answer the
> question above, because alias works very well for me
> :)

Well, actually, I've twice posted detailed
descriptions of what I'm trying to accomplish on this
topic and gotten zero replies, but here goes another

I'm using Apache 1.3.14 and tomcat 3.2.1 with
mod_jk.c.  I don't know if the latter is the 'latest'
version of mod_jk.c - I grabbed it from the tomcat
download site two weeks ago.  I am running this on
WinNT using downloaded binary versions of the relevant

I have setup my application ("myapp") as a directory
inside the webapps/ directory, complete with WEB-INF
subdirectory and such.

I have apache configured to apply an alias or a
rewrite rule to a reqest:
<IfModule !mod_rewrite.c>
LoadModule rewrite_module

RewriteEngine On
RewriteLog log/apache_logs/rewrites.log
RewriteLogLevel 9
RewriteOptions inherit
RewriteRule ^/myapp/(.*)/common/(.*) /myapp/common/$2

I can tell from the rewrites.log that it is indeed
getting applied:

 (2) init rewrite engine with requested uri
 (3) applying pattern '^/myapp/(.*)/common/(.*)' to
uri '/myapp/folder1/common/mypage.jsp'
 (2) rewrite /myapp/folder1/common/mypage.jsp ->
 (2) local path result: /myapp/common/mypage.jsp
 (1) go-ahead with /myapp/common/mypage.jsp [OK]

The idea here is simple: the request


should result in a request for


The rewrite rule works great.  This works great for
static stuff (i.e. html) served up by Apache. 

The *problem* is that Tomcat is not getting the
translated request, it is getting the original one:

Since no file in that path actually exists, naturally
it returns a file not found error.  Tomcat DOES
happily find, compile and execute requests for
servlets and jsp pages that are in paths that do exist
such as


I have apache configured to send requests to tomcat
via ajp13 by including mod_jk.conf-auto just after the
above rewrite rule:

# include configuration for tomcat servlet engine:
Include n:/opt/demo/conf/mod_jk.conf-auto

I've configured server.xml very minimally, no custom
contexts or anything.  About the only thing changed
here is I've enabled ajp13 and then setup to map requests to it.  I doubt any
of this is relevant because I see the exact same
behavior even with 'raw' server.xml and files.

Note that I get the same behavior if I use an Alias
instead of a rewrite:

Alias (.*)/myapp/(.*)/common/(.*) $1/myapp/common/$3

This rewrites static requests served by Apache, but
just like with rewrites, gets ignored by tomcat.

That's pretty much it.

Any suggestions as to what is (or is not) going on?

Basically, what I want to happen is that, after a
rewrite rule has been applied, that Tomcat should be
processing the modified URL, not the original.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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