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From A Yang <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat as non-root
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 20:04:30 GMT

> /usr/local/tomcat doesn't necessarily have to be
> owned by root. The only thing you need to so is make

> sure that whichever user you run tomcat as has write

> permissions to the logs, conf and work directories
> (those are the only ones Tomcat writes to I think).

I was a little iffy about leaving the entire conf
directory writable by the nobody group, so I wound up
just checking the java exceptions and permitting group
write access to the affected files - mostly they are
the automatically generated files like *.conf-auto.

On a side note, I found that I was regenerating the
Windows registry settings for redirecting IIS every
time I started up Tomcat.

> This doesn't have to be 'nobody' though. You could 
> create a tomcat or www user for example.

Yes, I just figured I would use the same nobody user
that apache was using.

Would it be best practises to have apache and tomcat
running on separate, minimal userids?

> And if you want it to be owned by root, that's fine,
> just use the group permissions to set the write 
> access.

Do you mean something like:

 1 -r--rw-r--     1 root     nobody    1024  foo


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