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From A Yang <>
Subject starting Tomcat with nobody in RH Linux
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 00:33:15 GMT
Hello all,

There has been a fair bit written about starting up
Tomcat under a non-root account, but I'm too much of a
Linux admin newbie that I'm having trouble putting it
all into context.

I have Apache running under nobody, but I'm having
trouble getting Tomcat to. I try to startup Tomcat
using "su - nobody" but run into permissions problems
because my /usr/local/tomcat directory is owned by

I look at Apache, and the owner and groups are numeric
but the values don't match any of my group id's.

I mean, I shouldn't try to add nobody to my root group
right? Red Hat doesn't even define nobody to be a real

What am I missing about file ownership and special
accounts like nobody?


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