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From Chris Janicki <>
Subject RE: Disable Apache connector on port 8007
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 01:58:09 GMT
Thanks Randy (and Stefan),

I commented out those lines you listed and got the desired effect.  I 
think I have the shutdown covered... I have Tomcat running within my 
app's JVM, so I shut it down via:

  String[] args = { "-stop" };

That seems to work for me.  I'm assuming that's a safe enough shutdown... 
(let me know if I'm off base).

Thanks again,

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message

On 1/31/01, 3:55:23 PM, Randy Layman <> wrote 
regarding RE: Disable Apache connector on port 8007:

>       You probably don't want to disable port 8007 - that's the port used
> by the Shutdown process to kill Tomcat cleanly.  You probably just want 
> edit your server.xml file to change 8007 to something else (8081 
> If you do really want to remove it, either remove or comment out the 
> in the server.xml file for the connector with the handler of
> Ajp12ConnectionHandler.  It should look something like:
> <Connector className....>
>       <Parameter...>
>       <Parameter...value="8007"/>
> </Connector>

>       Randy

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Chris Janicki []
> Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 4:15 PM
> To:
> Subject: Disable Apache connector on port 8007

> I'm using Tomcat 3.1 for some JSP development work, without Apache.
> Starting up Tomcat is conflicting with other software (an unrelated
> Apache/JSP engine) running on the same machine, so I want to disable the
> server on port 8007. It's mostly just an annoyance, but I also don't want
> to steal the port if it becomes temporarily available.

> I've read the 3.1 docs but can't see how to gracefully disable that
> service.  Any ideas?

> Thanks,
> Chris

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