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From (Thomas Bartels)
Subject Re: boggling problem with jsp
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 04:21:58 GMT dropped a dime in the machine, and out came:

> This will force Tomcat 4.0 (HTTP 1.1 webserver) to behave like HTTP 1.0
> (Tomcat 3.2). This will force IE to treat Tomcat4 like a HTTP 1.0 server,
> hence it will *not* try to use a persistent connection.
The only problem with this solution is that I AM using Tomcat 3.2.1. :)

> This worked for me. Also, if you are using
> response.sendRedirect("somepage.jsp") in your code, make sure you follow it
> with a return statement, like
> response.sendRedirect("somepage.jsp");
> return;
This appears to have fixed the problem, I will let you know if I see it

> This will make sure that "no more output" gets written to the response
> stream after calling sendRedirect().
> sam...
Thank you.

Thomas Bartels 
aka Blossoms the Tact Rat

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