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Subject Tomcat - Sessions and WAP Browsers
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 04:29:08 GMT
The real problem I am running into is that most WAP browsers don't support
cookies and thus the storing of session data in the cookie. I use Tomcat as
my servlet engine, and I have a secured part of my site. 

How Tomcat works in a web environment is this. When you request a page that
is secured, tomcat places the session variable
'tomcat.auth.originalLocation' into the session. This variable holds onto
the requested URL. After placing the variable into the session, it forwards
you to your specified login page i.e. '/secure/login.jsp'. Upon successful
login/authentication it will forward you to the page referenced in the
'tomcat.auth.originalLocation' session variable, along with placing a few
more variables in the session.

This becomes a problem in the WAP browser environment because none of the
WAP browsers support cookies, thus cannot get access to the session variable

Hope this makes more sense?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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