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From "" <>
Subject Re: Load balancing for Tomcat with mod_jk
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2001 17:19:00 GMT
Thanks for getting back to me Nick.
Are you aware of any Tomcat versions (past, present, future) that might
support this type of functionality? I suppose I could do it using mod_jserv
but I would rather stay with the newer architecture(mod_jk). Any idea if
Tomcat 4.0 might support this?


--Original Message-- ( writes:
>     I have implemented load balancing with mod_jk (sticky sessions). Seems
> to work well. However, I need to implement load balancing with non-sticky
> sessions. (Teflon sessions? :) ) I need all of the tomcat servers to be
> aware of all the sessions currently in use on the system. Is this possible
> using mod_jk?

I think what you want is session replication -- any changes to the
session on any server is replicated to all servers.

This is not something that Tomcat implements.

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