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From "Sam Newman" <>
Subject Servlet as an RMI client
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 23:47:45 GMT
Dear all,
I'm having some problems using a servlet as an RMI client. I start my RMI server up, and register
my remote object using Naming.rebind(). A sample client works fine with this object. I write
a servlet and try and communicate with the Server in the same way, and use an RMISecurityManager,
but I get a seucirty exception:
( localhost resolve)
I thought this was an issue with security, so I change the policy file to give my apps context
full permissions. I then invoke Tomcat with the -security option, and now I cannot even retrieve
a session object. My two questions are:
1.) Why can't I contact the rmi socket even with security manager is in place?
2.) Why do my changes to the policy file seem to have no effect?
Here is the error: access denied (
Thanks in advance,
sam newman
software developer

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