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From "Jonathan Asbell" <>
Subject Character encoding Resources
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 08:21:31 GMT
I read all of your comments about how you should implement character encoding and it is very
us/euro-centric.  I'm not griping about this (as I grew up in Philly) but this consideration
obviously lends a consideration of the entire http protocol which as I understand is ascii
based.  If we are to accept that http wont change to accomodate the non-english speaking world
any time soon than lets assume it will be ascii for the next x years.  Therefore data on a
web page can only exist in one encoding scheme at a time (not one character set, but one encoding
scheme).  What is the scheme that covers the most ground?....UTF-8.  But because web pages
can refer to other data on servers which exist in other encodings, lets allow a webapp to
set a default with the ability to override it on the page level.  I hope my posting doesnt
soound idiotic.

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