I am pretty sure that if you can successfully run
this will tell you whether apache is passing on
servlet request to tomcat.


venkatesan wrote:

Hi All,
         I am new to Tomcat. and i installed the Tomcat and i tested locally
Tomcat server that is by giving

    http://localhost:8080/example/servlet/Helloorld.html   it is running

        But After i have  configured Apache to Tomcat by  giving the command
include /home/........path to...../conf/mod_jk.conf-auto in httpd.conf
directory in Apache server, i could not access the port 8007 by giving.....
http://web-server:8007/. I know this is wrong way to test Apache - Tomcat
.. Can anybody tell how i can  test Apache - Tomcat communication by giving
one example. Or how can i configure Apache server so that i can send request
to Tomcat through Apache server............ Thanx in  advance......


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