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From "Allen Akers" <>
Subject RE: applet-servlet communication
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 02:55:59 GMT
I ran into the same issue and found that due to some reason (purported
to be security-related, although I can't see how) applets running under
IE will NOT use the post protocol to submit requests no matter WHAT you
do.  If you are insistent on using post then you'll be limited to
running under Netscape from everything I've seen and done.  I was lucky
that the particular applet I needed to post from (it was posting edited
JSPs back to the web server, which is why I needed to use post) was only
for our in-house developers, so I could tell them that they HAVE to use
Netscape.  Unless there is a really good reason (like content length, in
my case) that you have to use post then I'd say to use get so that
you'll have cross-browser compatibility.

               Allen Akers
               Programmer Analyst
               Strategic Web and Voice Development

>>> 01/29/01 03:07PM >>>

	I would guess that you are not actually POSTing information.
Searching on jGuru just now I found a snippet of code (totally
unrelated to
your problem) that does an example of POST.  Its at  Maybe this
example can help you to figure out what's not going quite right.  If
still can't figure it out, you will need to post code for anyone to be
to help you.


-----Original Message-----
From: Carlos R Armas [] 
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 4:28 PM
Subject: applet-servlet communication

I am trying to have an applet communicate with a servlet. I don't want
to use <form> so I can't set the method to GET/POST. I do want to
the servelt to only use POST, not GET.

The HttpServletResponse/HttpServletRequest classes are being used to
exchange the messages. I have the applet "sending" the data... I
using the POST method. The servlet on the other hand, gets the initial
communication and session information.... but the actual data never
arrives and the method that the servlet claims to have used is GET.
servlet communicates back to the applet with no problem.

Now, the question is: Is there some configuration needed so that when
applet sends the information (to tomcat?) it can be passed on to the
servlet using the chosen -POST- delivery method?

The servlet works fine if I test it with a html file that has a form
uses POST to send the data. So half the implementation is working.

Any help will be appreciated.


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