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From "Brian Engel" <>
Subject Re: mailinglist vs newsgroup
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 21:36:07 GMT
I agree I think this should be put into a newsgroup. Just today I have gotten 70 emails from
this group!

You can always browse the messages with and you can post if you setup a free account
with them. 

>>> 01/02/01 04:00PM >>>

As long as it were "attached" to deja, it would be fine, but my firewall
blocks the news port, so I would be out of luck.  Also, I think that mail
serves a purpose that a newsgroup does not.  It seems that it's easier to
send a mail to a group for a configuration error, get an answer, and move
on without having to subscribe to a list or service.

                    "Jaap van der                                                        
                    Molen"               To:          
                    <molen@mail.c        cc:     (bcc: Greyson Smith/CCMG/CVG)        
                    om>                  Subject:     mailinglist vs newsgroup        
                    12:15 PM                                                             
                    respond to                                                           

No offense, but has anyone ever considered to put this whole mailinglist
into a newsgroup? We must be generating tons of traffic.

Re Jaap


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