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Subject Re: SOT : Object Pools
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 08:42:37 GMT

Take a look at JDO and Castor JDO.
It is a JSR that is currently in development.


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                                         Subject:     SOT : Object Pools                 
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Sorry for this off topic post, but we are planning to use Tomcat
as an Application server.

Tomcat does not offer facilities that products like WebLogic etc offer
i.e Connection Pooling etc etc etc.

So does anyone know of a good Java Object Pool that can be used
in conjunction with Tomcat ? (Not only for pooling JDBC connections,
but also Statements/Prepared Statements etc etc and ResultSet caching)

I have looked into PoolMan, but am not happy with it. Even the JBoss
Minevera stuff does not look impresive.

Any recomendations ?


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