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From "Etienne Baert \(SPS Office\)" <>
Subject RE: SOLUTION to problems with iis redirection
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:58:13 GMT

we have several machines running Windows 2000 Professional SP1, we installed
tomcat and integrated it with IIS5.0 using the isapi_redirect filter on each
of them without having to set the key you mentionned.
The how-to documentation was so clear that we succeeded the installation and
the integration with IIS the first time we did it.


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From: Carles Pi-Sunyer []
Sent: lundi 29 janvier 2001 23:25
To: ''
Subject: RE: SOLUTION to problems with iis redirection

Step three of this message solved a long outstanding problem I was having.
The instructions say to only set the
DLLs key if you are using PWS. Since I was using IIS I didn't set the key
and I was never able to get Tomcat/IIS integration to work. I always got a
404 error when I tried to serve with IIS.

The part of the post that solved my problem is:

3) In your registry when you add to the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC\Parameters --
Filter DLLs key.  Make sure that you DO NOT include the isapi_redirect.dll
in this string.  For example if you have put the dll in a bin\win32\i386
directory in your jakarta-tomcat directory the key value should be

This was a major headache for me, even though the directions say FULL PATH
they only mean PATH.  For all of you that were always getting a 404 error
because tomcat was always looking for /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll instead of

the URL you typed in, this is the answer.

The part of the instructions that need correction are:

8.    Using the IIS management console, add isapi_redirect.dll as a filter
in your IIS/PWS web site.
      The name of the
     filter should reflect its task (I use the name jakarta), its executable
must be our
     c:\jakarta-tomcat\bin\win32\i386\isapi_redirect.dll. For PWS, you'll
need to use regedit and

     add/edit the "Filter DLLs" key under
This key contains a ","
     separated list of dlls ( full paths ) - you need to insert the full
path to isapi_redirect.dll.

The words "For PWS" should be removed.

I hope this will help solve other people's problems.


Carles Pi-Sunyer
Stario, Inc.
408 844-8333 ex:326

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