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From Cato Førrisdahl <>
Subject Starting Tomcat from a Servlet?
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:17:11 GMT
I have 3 Tomcats running on different ports. One on port 80, redirecting
GETs for / to port 8080, due to problems with URL rewriting on port 80...
(don't ask me why) And a third on port 8090 running as a developer-server.
All Tomcats(v. 3.1) run as stand-alone servers on WinNT 4.0.

What I would want to do is to make a web-interface from where I can shut
or start up any of the three Tomcat's running, or at least get status
(up/down) from all
three. Is this possible, and how do I do it?

Cato Førrisdahl

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