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From Cato Førrisdahl <>
Subject RE: tomcat installation under win98
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 17:22:46 GMT
Daniel Aderhold wrote:
>I'm new to Tomcat.

Hi, how nice. You have something to look forward to if you
take the time to read a little bit. :)

>I want to run jsp pages and java servlets in my PC.
>I'm using Windows 98.

That shouldn't be a problem at all.

>I'm confused about which file(s) I have to download from the web site.
>I think I must download version 3.2.1.

Downloading Tomcat 3.2.1 would be a nice idea. You should go for the

>The can anyone teel me how I must install them in my win98 system.

If you download the Tomcat 3.2.1 zip-file and extract it to a folder you
will find a doc-folder with the information you need. But beware - there's
one tricky little thing which might confuse you, namely the limited
environment-space in windows-shells. This results in some
not-so-easy-to-figure-out errormessages when trying to start Tomcat the way
the Tomcat documentations describes. You could, if you like, adjust the
environment-space on your system and reboot and stuff, but there's a simpler
way I learned earlier on this list. There's a Tomcat-launcher called JustGo
you could get from which makes starting
Tomcat painless.

Good Luck!

Cato Førrisdahl

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