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From "S. Murthy Gorty" <>
Subject list of HttpSession objects
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 17:33:06 GMT

We are moving to Tomcat3.2.1 and noticed a problem.
We monitor user-activity per web-server by keeping a list of HTTPSession 
objects; we query this list to see the sessions active (and thereby some ser 
information) at a given point.

With this version of tomcat, there seems to be this HTTPSessionfacade object 
that has a 'realsession' object. this realsession object gets nuked at the 
end of every request.

So, our list maintains a list of httpsessionfacade objects that do not have 
any realsession objects associated with them, so we get nullpointerexception 
when we try to read from these httpsession objects we maintain..

Is this a feature?
Is there any other way our management console can keep track of 

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