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From "Michael Collins" <>
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 14:34:51 GMT
Hi all,
Im new to tomcat and am unsure of a couple of things.
I have installed some of the examples and they work away on 
httP:\\localhost8080 etc.
I have started my own project for which I have developed all the HTML pages. 
I have converted the relevant pages to .jsp developed beans for one of the 
pages and compiled them to .class. I have gone over the documentation and 
just want to know how to structure the directories.
Say I put everything into a folder called project right?
This folder goes into the webapps folder right?
Now inside in the project folder I have my web-inf folder, inside in that 
folder I have a classes folder and inside in that I have my beans (.java and 
.class) in there?
I modify server.xml to look like this
        <Context path="/project"
                 trusted="false" >

Is this all I have to do?
I read the documentation and there is all other weird stuff that I dont 
Whats the build.xml thing about and the cvs, do I have to do something with 
Could someone please just give me a step in the right direction, once I get 
one application working, Ill be delighted.
A big thanks in advance,

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