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From "Steven Toth" <>
Subject mod_jk load balancing error mechanisms during tomcat failure
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 16:37:49 GMT

A question ... but before I ask ... I'll give everyone a little 

I'm working on an application that we want to be able to scale n-way with a 
number of apache servers (using mod_jk and load balancing) to a number of 
tomcat servers running on seperate dedicated servers.

In practise, server A (running apache and mod_jk) is configured to load 
balance between servers C,D,E and F. Server B (also running apache and 
mod_jk with load balancing) will balance between the same set of servers 
C,D,E anf F.

We're also using the DNS round-robin for distribute the incoming http 
requests between servers A amd B.

My question is... Assuming server C dies. The load balancers on servers A 
and B will eventually notice and redirect the requests to either D,E or F. 
That's fine and it seems to work.

Once server C comes back on line, do we have to do anything specific to 
inform the load balancers or will they try to connect to a failed 
server/work on a ragular basis

I've tested a little and the results indicate that it doesn't notice a 
failed servers resuming operation. Anyone know for sure what happens?

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