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From "McAllister, Andrew " <>
Subject IIS and Basic Authentication
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 14:00:17 GMT
   I'm trying to get IIS (with the isapi redirector) and Tomcat to cooperate
on basic authentication. I've written a servlet that handles the basic
authentication correctly using the req.getHeader("Authorization"); method
and it works well when I connect directly to Tomcat on port 8080. But when I
connect via IIS using the redirector, it never passes the authorization
header to the servlet.

In all other respects IIS and the redirector are working OK (from what I can
tell) and I am able to run servlets etc just fine.

My goal is to get my SERVLET to perform Basic Authorization (Authentication)
via the standard  http header. (The servlet verifies the id/password combo
via a database).

IIS 5 with all patches as of 01/12/01
Win2K with all patches as of 01/12/01
Tomcat 3.2.1 downloaded 01/12/01
isapi_reredirect.dll downloaded 01/12/01

Any help is welcome. I've looked just about everywhere, scanned the list
archives and haven't found anything. Sorry in advance if this is an FAQ.

Andrew McAllister
University of Missouri

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